About You Questionnaire

This is a short survey asking more questions about you. We will ask questions about your skin type, hair color and a few short questions about how you view personal care.

This survey is divided into sections. When you start MyPersonalCareSurvey you will be required to complete the first section of questions. All remaining sections can be completed at anytime during the seven day period.

Getting Started

MyPersonalCareSurvey is broken out into 2 different parts. One is the About You Questionnaire and the other is the Diary.

In order to start MyPersonalCareSurvey please click the Start button below. You will be asked to complete the first section of the About You Questionnaire and choose when you want to start your diary.

The Diary

This is a seven day diary to record the toiletries and cosmetics products that you use on yourself each day, from the moment you get up until you go to bed for the next seven days.

The diary should only include the products you use on yourself! You should record all of the products you use, including products used away from home. However, you do not need to record the times when you only wash your hands.